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There is a time and a season for everything

Spring has sprung. Sooooo to has the weather.  Today on my www [ wondering walking workshop] were I have fun with a 90 day video challenge I walked out the door. Stopped thought I forgot too and went Nope will carry on.  This is what I saw.  And yes today the weather is as though it really wants to rain.  Speaking to a lady while on my walk she was telling me that at 10 pm on the way home from work there was the low hanging golden crescent of a moon in a bowl shape.  This too is a sure sign of lots of rain in the next few weeks.

Add to that the little birds that come down from the mountains when bad weather is about to fall .. well this morning I saw two of them as well just sitting on low hanging branches.  And a duck about 20 deet in the tree just sitting there quacking. I think duck hunting season has finally started as well.

About the video challenge … I have been gradually learning how to master a new skill.  Ikat the camera I have is about ten years old now.  And I have realised that I can alter the distance, change the recording volume, even alter the light across the visuals.  Now that alone is why some really great photos have turned out to took yuch.

The smaller paper thin camera make me feel cack handed as their is no substance to them. 

The human mind is so strange at times… preferring the solid to the light weight, The tangible to the invisible weight.  Old technology to the bother of learning the new.  And yet all along knowing that one day change is inevitable and if you do not change with it it will change by itself.  Time awaits for no one.

The change factor leaves no rest for the high Functioning Autistic person… Even the weather barometer has nothing compared to the sensitivities of the weather witch.

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~ There is a time and season for everything as an SFM affiliate

~ There is a time and season for everything as an SFM affiliate

Clicked as I was trying to read the smallprint on camera with no reading glasses !

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let me  explain how a little about what I was curious when asked “Why do you want to know more about the SFM?” Of course being asked by someone that has known me for just over 40 years now.  Raymond – my great friend and happens to also be my ex-husband, has been a part of the team… two of us…

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Milestones are Segments of Actions similar to Stepping Stones over time.

Milestones are Segments of Actions similar to Stepping Stones over time.

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Miles stone are a foreign thing to many people.Stepping stones to successful outcome by all

Thank you for spending your time on this page.  I appreciate it.


Coalesce Oracle

Okay this is me a snapshot in 2013




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How to master a new skill with education and awareness

How to master a new skill with education and awareness

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The internet has crossed boundaries.  While the world i getting smaller the galaxies are enlarging as man set out to explore.   The internet has also made it possible for people in real life community development situations to utilize the internet and seek assistance , find an internet mentor who has the skills and abilities that community are looking for or engaging with.

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Why does imagination rule the world? | cve4me - that is who you look for! →

Begs the question of where the drams went and why the effects are still like a Tsunami effect today.

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How to integrate social media with PR, communications, and crisis management, presented by Debbie Curtis-Magley from on Vimeo.’s Brands-Only Summit is an annual event featuring 16 peer-to-peer collaborative workshops, 12 how-to classes, 12 real-world case studies, 3 brilliant authors, and 3 amazing keynotes. To learn more, visit

To download the slide presentation in this video, visit

In her presentation, Ariba’s Senior Manager of Social & Community, Debbie Curtis-Magley, teaches a class on how to use social channels to complement your core communications functions.

She goes into detail about how social media can help you react and respond to critical crisis, employees misbehaving, and customer chaos.

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Sarabande by Marin Marais from Daniël Brüggen on Vimeo.

Mieneke van der Verlden, accompanied by Glen Wilson, plays a Sarabande by Marin Marais at a concert in Egmond Binnen. Recorded live at the Slotkapel in 2012.

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Face fear with one of two attitudes

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What If Money Was No Object ~ Alan Watts from Edgar Alves on Vimeo.

I’M NOT THE OWNER OF THIS VIDEO. Just wanted to share this.

Here’s the link to the creator where you can watch more awesome messages:

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Become Worship Academy in Cornwall has now launched. Find out more by watching the promo video

Become Worship Academy in Cornwall has now launched. Find out more by watching the promo video

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Become Worship Academy →

I just supported Become Worship Academy on @ThunderclapIt // @becomeworship

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